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"Well, I've got to tell you. I can't recommend highly enough Dr. Stanley Levenson. There's this mouth piece... it's great! I snore.. I used to snore, like a bear! It would leave me on the couch many, many nights. If I wasn’t on the couch, I was getting an elbow in the ribs. I have sleep apnea and, using this device, I am well rested now!"

~ Michael Holley, WEEI Sports Radio

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that affects many men and women. It is characterized by intermittent pauses in breathing or very shallow breath during sleep. Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA (blockage of the airway) is the most common type. It can be caused by obesity, alcohol or medications, or enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Many sufferers also snore because of the obstruction.
These breathing pauses during sleep deprive the brain and body of oxygen, and put a tremendous strain on the heart and lungs. Sleep apnea has been linked to a variety of problems throughout the body. Those who have been diagnosed with this sleep disorder tend to have extreme fatigue, daytime sleepiness, memory loss, depression, high blood pressure, and possibly erectile dysfunction. They are also at higher risk for stroke and heart attack.

Sleep Apnea Worcester - Sleep Apnea CPAPA machine The disorder can only be diagnosed by a physician, but once determined, treatments options may involve the fabrication of an oral appliance. There are two common devices used to treat sleep apnea. The first is a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine, which is worn overnight during sleep to encourage oxygen flow into the body. These tend to have low compliance because they are bulky, unattractive, and can be difficult to use.

The alternative to CPAP machines is use of an oral appliance. The oral appliance works by repositioning the jaw, depressing the tongue, and clearing the path for oxygen to enter the body.

Dr. Levenson specializes in oral appliances for sleep apnea sufferers. He is a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and is available to screen patients for such disorders. He can acknowledge symptoms, and refer patients to a local physician for a thorough diagnosis. If the patient opts for an oral appliance over a CPAP machine, Dr. Levenson will work with him or her to create a custom-fit mouthpiece to relieve symptoms of sleep apnea and improve overall health and well-being.
Don't put yourself or your sleep partner through another anxious night. Call Dr. Levenson today.

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Rating: 5 Dentist Worcester - Stars
"Dr. Stanley Levenson & his Staffs are nothing short of AMAZING!!!! Thanks to a very bad experience with dentists in the past I have (well HAD) such a HUUUGE fear of the dentist for so long but with Dr. Levenson and his team I not only don't mind going to his office I actually referred my whole family to him!! He's such a kind soul and his staffs are so friendly and sincere that I will NEVER go to anyone else. #PatientForLife #StuckWithMe <3 <3 I can't thank them enough for understanding my fear and helping me get through it!!!" ~ S.L
Rating: 5 Dentist Worcester - Stars
"Well, I've got to tell you. I can't recommend highly enough Dr. Stanley Levenson. There's this mouth piece... it's great! I snore. . I used to snore, like a bear! It would leave me on the couch many, many nights. If I wasn't on the couch, I was getting an elbow in the ribs. I have sleep apnea and, using this device, I am well rested now!" ~ Michael Holley,
WEEI Sports Radio
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Heather Kavanagh
Stanley is no doubt the best dentist I have ever had, He and his staff have been wonderful to me since the day we met, when I came in for an emergency with my wisdom teeth. He came in on a Sunday to look at my teeth and helped me find help when I needed it most. I have been coming here ever since! I love having my teeth cleaned, the girls are so gentle and caring and I even got my Invisalign through Stan. I always have a great experience and would never go anywhere else! Thanks to everyone at Levensonsmile for treating me like family. Your all wonderful!! ~ Heather Kavanagh
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Laura M Hespell
After years of severe bruxism I took the plunge and had no prep veneers done! I can't say enough about the quality of his work! I did my homework and some other consults and am so happy with my choice in Dr Levenson and his team! Friends and family are amazed at how natural they look which was my #1 Chiclet gum smile for me thank you. He listened to my desires for my smile (while correcting some alignment and grinding issues) and was never pressured into doing more than I wanted. It was pain free, fast (a few couple hour appts) and done! They haven't hesitated to get me back in as I panicked over the new feeling and adjustment to the new teeth....that speaks volumes! Thanks Dr. Levenson See you in Chicago! ~ Laura M Hespell
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Kathy Garson
My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Levenson's for 20 years, thanks for the great teeth!!! ~ Kathy Garson
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Cynthia Marie Louis
Stanley you saved my life the other day I honestly cannot thank you enough. You reallly are such an amazing dentist you did the impossible and gave me my smile back! Thank you so much again & for everyone out there I highly highly recommened this office. They go above & beyond for their patients. ~ Cynthia Marie Louis
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Danielle
I just started going to Dr Levenson, and it has been many many years since I was at the dentist. Well, let me tell you, it has been nothing but a pleasant experience all the way around. Right from the moment you walk into the reception area, you are greeted by professional and friendly staff they genuinely care that you are seen quickly and are comfortable and don't need anything. Throughout any procedure I was constantly asked if I was comfortable or in any pain (I wasn't). And, Dr Levenson had to refer me out at first for a root canal, and he went out of his way to make sure I was matched up with a dentist that would suit me! The best! ~ Danielle
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Danielle
My whole family goes to Dr. Levenson. He does a fabulous job keeping our teeth healthy and enhancing our smiles. Dr. Levenson is knowledgeable and stay up to date on the best, most proficient methods of dentistry. His staff is professional and courteous. We are always pleased with the results.

I highly recommend his services!!!! ~ A Yahoo! Local user
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Danielle
Dr. Levenson and his staff are great and very friendly - I went in for a consultation for 6-month smiles because I was getting married and wanted to straighten my front teeth due to the crowding. I went for my first appointment in December, he explained everything to me and gave me my options. I decided to go with the 6-month smiles and got the braces put on before Christmas. They came off in June and I got married 4th of July weekend. Dr. Levenson did an amazing job. The results were incredible, especially since I was afraid the bottom teeth weren't going to be done in time. The crowding was pretty bad - definitely gave him a challenge but he worked his magic and made it happen. Kara was one of the assistants who worked with me and she was truly wonderful, an absolute sweetheart. Love her! Most recently, my husband did a pretty good job chipping one of his front teeth and Dr. Levenson was able to get him in and fix it quickly. Highly recommended dentist! ~ A Google User
Rating: Dentist Worcester - Jennifer White
Rock Star Dentistry

I used to dread going to the dentist’s office. Until I found my way to Dr. Levenson’s office. The care and compassion that radiates from the staff and Dr. Levenson is AMAZING. It is like being around family. Not only did he give me my true smile back, he did it pain free, the staff is always conscious of making sure you never hurt. Dr. Levenson is a Picasso of dentistry; he works outstanding magic with his up to date ways of cosmetic dentistry. He has a great love for his artistry, and it shows with his gentle ways with his patients. Dr. Levenson has a gentle soul, and wants the best for every patient that walks through his door. For me, Dr. Levenson is my rock star dentist. and I love him and the staff for all that you have done for me. You gave me some life back, and I cannot thank you all enough. ~ Jennifer White

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