How Botox and Cosmetic Dentistry Can Work Together

How Botox and Cosmetic Dentistry Can Work Together

How Botox and Cosmetic Dentistry Can Work Together

How Botox and Cosmetic Dentistry Can Work Together

How Botox and Cosmetic Dentistry Can Work Together

How Botox and Cosmetic Dentistry Can Work Together

Many people associate Botox treatments with visits to a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. While this is true in many cases, dental offices are fast becoming a destination for Botox (Botulinum toxin). Today, more dentists are incorporating Botox injections as part of their patient services.


Manufacturers derive Botox from the botulinum toxin. Some people worry that this can make them ill. But Botox injections have an established safety record. In fact, medical professionals deliver millions of Botox injections each year. These injections are for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.


Getting Botox treatments at the dentist’s office is not such a stretch. Many people already turn to their dentists for cosmetic procedures. Some of these cosmetic procedures include:

  • Professional teeth whitening

  • Crowns and caps

  • Veneers

Botox is another useful tool that dental professionals can provide. By offering Botox, they help patients practice self-care and achieve their desired outcomes.


How It Works


Dental offices are using Botox injections for both therapeutic and aesthetic reasons. When combined with other cosmetic dental procedures, the effect is a more youthful appearance. The dental professional will inject Botox into the patient in-office. The procedure is quick, and most patients report little to no discomfort.


Dental professionals are experts when it comes to the mouth and facial structure. To administer Botox treatments, they also undergo additional certification. Because dental offices focus only on the mouth and face, they are extremely knowledgeable already. They will also consider the patient’s unique smile and desired outcomes.


Types of Procedures


It’s amazing how much cosmetic dental procedures can improve a person’s well-being. Many people gain so much self-confidence from a dental implant or professional teeth whitening. But many patients are also concerned about age lines and wrinkles around the mouth. There are other conditions that benefit from Botox from both a therapeutic and cosmetic standpoint, such as:


  • Gummy smile — a condition where too much gum shows

  • Bruxism — grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw, especially at night

  • Uneven lips or an uneven (lopsided) smile


Other conditions like chronic jaw clenching also respond well to Botox treatments. The injections can reduce the overly large muscles in the jaw that result from this chronic condition, giving the face a more pleasing jawline.


More and more patients are turning to their dentists’ offices for both Botox and dermal filler procedures as part of their cosmetic dentistry journey. These injections last for several months and take very little time to administer.


Trusting the Experts


Botox has a place in the dental professional’s arsenal as both health management and a cosmetic tool. Dentists and their staff are well-qualified experts with excellent training in the oral and facial areas. They can combine this vast knowledge with their training in cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve your best smile.


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