What Does Six Month Smiles® Fix?

What Does Six Month Smiles® Fix?

What Does Six Month Smiles® Fix?

What Does Six Month Smiles® Fix?

What Does Six Month Smiles® Fix?

What Does Six Month Smiles® Fix?

A great smile enhances an individual’s appearance and makes them feel more confident. Some people are blessed with a beautiful natural smile, but others require orthodontic assistance. For those of us who aren’t naturally gifted, orthodontic treatment can do wonders for crooked teeth. 


The treatment can correct structural dental problems that cause pain and contribute to decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, conventional orthodontic treatment can take a long time — one year or much longer. The good news is that there is another option: Six Month Smiles®.


Traditional Orthodontic Treatment


Traditional orthodontic treatment usually requires 12 to 18 months to complete. This comprehensive treatment shifts the front and back teeth to create a perfect smile. 


This treatment is especially useful for patients who have bite problems. However, this treatment is not for everyone. If you are comfortable with your bite, you can simply concentrate on the appearance of your front teeth. 


Six Month Smiles® Treatment


Luckily, you can get your desired smile in six months. The Six Month Smiles® braces can do in a few months what traditional braces do in almost two years. With tooth-colored wires and colorless brackets, the braces blend into the teeth, making them almost invisible. 


This makes the treatment attractive for those who want straight teeth without making it too obvious in the process. It may be no surprise to find that the goal of Six Month Smiles® is to straighten the front teeth within six months. However, some people may require slightly longer to achieve the desired results. 


How Six Month Smiles® Works


Six Month Smiles® works quickly by focusing on the visible teeth when smiling — the front teeth. Most adults prefer orthodontic treatment that is less visible and discreet. The clear brackets and the memory wire help shift the front teeth. 


This cosmetic procedure is less involving than traditional comprehensive orthodontics. Throughout the course of treatment, the memory wire applies a constant force to the teeth, shifting them into correct alignment. This treatment takes an average of six months.


What Six Month Smiles® Fixes


There are several orthodontic conditions that can be fixed using Six Month Smiles® treatment. These include overlapped or overcrowded teeth, gaps or uneven spaces, protruding front teeth, overbites, and underbites. The treatment corrects misaligned front teeth, helping the smile to appear more attractive. Also, it can be used to tweak or correct issues from a previous orthodontic procedure. 


Who Is Not a Good Candidate for the Treatment?


Some patients do not make good candidates Six Month Smiles®. These are people who have severely crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth. For those who qualify, the treatment is quick and cost-effective. 


Unfortunately, patients with complicated dental situations or those who need to shift the back teeth do not make good candidates. Also, the treatment is not suitable for individuals with severe overbites and serious alignment issues. These are conditions that affect jaw function or the bite.


Six Month Smiles® is a treatment procedure offered by general dentists. It does not require extensive training like for an orthodontist. A general dentist can get the required certification in a few days. The treatment is completed in fewer dental appointments, making it very convenient. 


If you want to improve your smile with Six Month Smiles®, visit Levenson Smile at our office in Worcester, Massachusetts. You can call (508) 731-3940 today to schedule an appointment.

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