Invisalign vs Traditional Braces

Crooked, misaligned teeth in the smile are not only unsightly and embarrassing, but they can have a negative effect on one’s oral health. It can be difficult to clean the teeth properly with brushing and flossing when there are gaps, overcrowding, and teeth that are not properly aligned. This puts patients at a higher risk for periodontal disease. When patients are dealing with malocclusion, it is important that they consider the benefits of orthodontic treatment. However, men and women who are faced with the idea of braces are often turned off by the concept of covering their smile with metal. Thanks to advances in orthodontics, patients can now enjoy a different manner of realigning the teeth that has a number of benefits over traditional braces. This solution is known as Invisalign. 

Dr. Stanley Levenson of Levenson Smile in Worcester, MA is proud to offer Invisalign therapy for new and existing patients in his practice. He believes everyone is entitled to an unforgettable smile and loves this alternative to conventional braces. Invisalign uses aligner trays that are made of clear, professional-grade plastics. They are worn over the dental arch and they slowly reposition the teeth into more appropriate alignment over the course of time. Patients can achieve a more beautiful smile in a similar timeframe as they may with conventional braces, making this the "clear alternative" to traditional metal bracket and wire braces.

Invisalign has several benefits over braces, including:


Invisalign aligners are clear and offer patients a discreet way of transforming their smiles without the embarrassment that comes with conventional brackets and wires. Others who are talking to patients wearing Invisalign aligners are often unaware that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This is the most attractive alternative for patients concerned about their appearance during treatment.


Dr. Stanley Levenson knows how irritating metal brackets and wires can be on the gums and the inside of the mouth. Invisalign eliminates this problem. They are smooth, clear, and fit precisely over the dental arch for optimum comfort day and night.

"Clear Expectations"

Invisalign uses 3D technology to fabricate a series of trays that help gently realign the teeth. This computer software has the ability to foresee the expected alignment over the course of the treatment to provide precise trays for use by the patient.

Invisalign Treatments

Many men and women shy away from orthodontic treatment when they think of traditional metal braces to straighten their teeth. Fortunately, there are alternatives such as Invisalign. With Invisalign, adults and teenagers can attain the smiles they want in less time than traditional orthodontic treatment. Dr. Stanley Levenson and our team at Levenson Smile in Worcester, MA have been providing Invisalign to patients for more than 10 years.


The Invisalign system includes a numbered series of clear aligner trays that are worn in order. They are changed every two weeks. Each tray gradually moves the teeth into their ideal positions. The trays are virtually unnoticeable when smiling, making them ideal for adults and teenagers.

Invisalign is used to treat malocclusion, overcrowding, and crooked teeth. Anyone who wants to explore Invisalign should contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Levenson.


Dr. Levenson has treated hundreds of patients with Invisalign. During a consultation, he will want to know a patient’s goals and will review their medical history. If the patient is a candidate for Invisalign, the doctor will tailor a treatment plan to meet his or her needs.

Treatment requires compliance. The trays must be worn at least 20-22 hours a day; however, they can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, flossing, and special occasions. It is also critical to keep the mouth, teeth, and gums healthy with excellent oral hygiene habits.

If you want to know if Invisalign is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Levenson by calling 1-855-849-8255. He would love to help you achieve your smile goals.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

At Levenson Smile, patients in and around Worcester, MA have access to some of the latest methods of improving the smile. When misalignment is present, some patients choose to move forward with braces. However, there are benefits to considering alternative solutions such as Invisalign treatment with the dentist you already know and trust. Dr. Stanley M. Levenson and his team of professionals are committed to helping patients find solutions for misaligned teeth that are best for their specific needs and desires.


Many patients ask about Invisalign treatment when they hear they can adjust their smiles without the need for traditional metal bracket and wire braces. Dr. Stanley M. Levenson describes Invisalign as aligner treatment. Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign works with custom-made dental trays that are made of clear, medical-grade plastics. The trays snap over the dental arch and gently move the teeth into better positions. This allows patients to improve their smiles without the embarrassment of metal appliances covering their teeth and making them feel self-conscious about their smile.


There are many advantages for patients with Invisalign treatment for their smiles. Invisalign is:

  • Discreet – the primary advantage of Invisalign is that is gives patients the opportunity to improve their smile while not feeling embarrassed about it. Invisalign is practically indistinguishable from the natural teeth and provides movement without brackets and wires.

  • Affordable – many patients will find that Invisalign treatment is comparable in cost to traditional orthodontia, eliminating cost as a factor to not move forward with Invisalign.

  • Comfortable – Invisalign trays are created using digitized impressions of the patient’s smile to ensure they are a tight and precise fit over the dental arch. Additionally, the trays are made of smooth plastic which eliminates cutting and irritation of the soft tissue in the mouth – a common concern with traditional brackets and wires.

  • Effective – not only is Invisalign clear and less noticeable than conventional braces, but Invisalign is effective when patients comply with treatment. Achieving results can be done easily with the use of the trays as directed by the dentist.

  • Better for your oral health – because Invisalign does not require brackets and wires, and because it is easily removable, patients can brush and floss their teeth as they normally would. This, in turn, allows patients to maintain their oral health and wellness easier. It is not necessary to try to floss around appliances that make it difficult to get the job done



Patients who are considering treatment first attend a consultation appointment with Dr. Stanley M. Levenson. Patients ask questions about the treatment and the dentist will determine if patients are candidates. Then, a special device is used to take digital impressions of the dental arch. This data is sent to the Invisalign laboratories where a series of trays are made for the patient. The number of trays in a series will vary, depending on the changes that need to be made in the smile. Less severe cases will require fewer trays. Patients come into the office to pick up their trays and learn how to use them. Each tray is a step through treatment. Patients start with the first tray and wear it for two weeks day and night, only removing it to eat, drink, and care for their teeth. Once the two weeks is up, this tray is stored and the next tray in the series is used for two weeks in the same manner. Over the course of time, the teeth are gently repositioned, and the smile is straightened to the desires of the patient. It is important that patients comply with their treatment to get the results they expect within the timeframe discussed. 


Getting a proper diagnosis of your condition and an examination to determine your candidacy for treatment is the first step in learning more about Invisalign as a solution to your smile! Contact Dr. Stanley M. Levenson and his team in Worcester, Massachusetts by calling (855) 849-8255 today. Our practice is conveniently located at 9 Linden Street and is always accepting new patients for comprehensive dental care. 

Worcester MA Invisalign Dentist

You have probably heard about Invisalign – the virtually invisible alternative to brackets and wires for straightening teeth. Maybe, though, you would like to know more about what treatment is really like. The best way to get the straight scoop on Invisalign is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stanley Levenson in Worcester, MA. He will explain the treatment process and answer your questions. Meanwhile, here is some helpful information to consider before your visit the dentist.



Invisalign straightens with an incremental series of transparent plastic trays that fit snugly over teeth. They nudge teeth into proper alignment with low force. The treatment plan is computer generated from digital impressions of your current oral condition, and precise input on what you want to change. Together, you and the dentist review a virtual simulation of your transformation, before treatment begins.

When Invisalign initially became available in this country in 2000, it was viewed primarily as a cosmetic solution for mild to moderate misalignment. The technology behind Invisalign has continued to advance. Today, with version G3, G4, and G5, even complex cases of misalignment, malocclusion, and deep bites can be corrected with this method.



Invisalign is a tremendous asset to the patient who does not want to be seen with a mouthful of braces for a few years, but you must be committed to using Invisalign correctly in order to achieve efficient results. Here are your requirements, as a patient:

  • Compliance – Although aligners are removable, you must wear them faithfully – 20 to 22 hours each day. That gives you two to four hours a day to eat the foods you enjoy without the restrictions that come with conventional orthodontics. Timely tip – Set timers on your phone for 30 minutes (breakfast), 35 minutes (lunch and dinner), and 10 minutes (two snacks), totaling 120 minutes. Start the appropriate timer as soon as you begin eating, and when the alarm sounds, brush and floss and pop your aligners back into place.

  • No cheat eating – You may drink plain water with aligners inserted, but please do not “cheat” and nibble on treats or chew gum. It can damage aligners or stain them. Some patients report a happy side effect of this responsibility – they lose weight from reduced consumption of between-meal snacks and sweet beverages.

  • Conscientious oral hygiene – Brushing and flossing after meals is important for everyone’s oral health, and it is imperative during Invisalign treatment. If you place aligners in a dirty mouth, you trap acids and food particles next to teeth, increasing risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Keep aligners clean – The technique is straight forward, and our hygiene team provides instructions. Aligners should be cleaned twice a day. Most patients soak them in a solution made with Invisalign sanitizing crystals, while brushing and flossing teeth in the morning and before bedtime. It keeps aligners clear and odor-free.

  • Carry a hygiene kit – We end up eating in many places through a busy day. Be prepared with a small bag containing toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and your Invisalign carrying case. It eliminates excuses.

  • Maintain wearing schedule – You are responsible for advancing to the next set of aligners in your series as the dentist directs. Some patients feel a little discomfort or lisp a bit, for the first few hours. Helpful hint – switch out aligners at night. You will sleep through this brief adjustment period.

  • Keep appointments – You will visit Dr. Levenson at about six-week intervals, so he can monitor your progress and adjust treatment if needed. Please do not skip these visits. They are brief and painless.

  • Maintain results – At the conclusion of treatment, you must wear a retainer to keep your smile looking terrific for years to come. The doctor will talk with you about whether a removable or bonded retainer makes sense for your situation.

Clear aligners can be a great option for teen and adult patients who want to straighten discreetly. Unless other people look very closely, they won’t even realize you are wearing orthodontic appliances. With the steps outlined above, an average treatment plan is completed in about a year. Call the Invisalign dentist in Worcester, MA trusted for beautiful results – Dr. Stanley Levenson at Levenson Smile, (855) 849-8255.

Neuromuscular Dentures in Worcester MA

“False teeth” may bring to mind fake-looking, ill-fitting appliances. Dentures have come a long way. Modern dentures in Worcester MA are indistinguishable from natural, healthy teeth. Dr. Stanley Levenson and his team have seen how modern technologies and techniques transform both patients’ smiles and overall facial appearance. 


While teeth are necessary for chewing food, they also help retain facial shape by supporting underlying bone and tissues. When teeth are worn, lost, or replaced with poorly-fitted dentures, your face can appear dramatically different. As your face changes, you may notice:

  • Excess visible skin and fat

  • Pronounced folds around your mouth and nose

  • A lack of facial contours and definition

  • A double chin

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons add volume or restore facial contours with fillers or surgical procedures; however, these treatments don’t address the missing or poorly-sized false teeth that detract from their patients appearance. 

Dr. Levenson’s approach to dentures replaces teeth to their full height and youthful proportion. Levenson Smile dentures consider the system of muscles, bones, and nerves, and are based on an impression of your mouth when it’s in motion. Traditional dentures are made from an impression of your mouth while it’s at rest. The resulting dentures are appropriately-designed and fit well for optimal function and natural appearance. 


Dr. Levenson and his team also create unforgettable smiles with dental implants. When placed in your mouth and naturally fused to surrounding bone, implants serve as artificial tooth roots for replacement teeth. They may be used to replace one tooth or many teeth. Implants can’t support all a patient’s teeth without a denture plate. Levenson Smile’s superior fitting dentures allow you to get the most out of the dental implant’s superior stability, and lifelike feel and function. 

Call 855-849-8255 to find out more.

Sleep Apnea Dizziness

At Levenson Smile, we treat the full spectrum of dental concerns, even those that may not seem like a dental concern at all. Obstructive sleep apnea is classified as a sleep disorder. Many people have found help with this problem by visiting their experienced dentist. 

In addition to a long history in dentistry, Dr. Levenson is also a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He not only provides screenings for disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, he provides a comfortable, effective alternative to CPAP therapy to help patients get back to healthy sleep patterns. If you feel dizzy with the headache of obstructive sleep apnea, a visit to our Worcester office is a step in the right direction.


Sleep apnea is a condition that can easily be mistaken for snoring if you do not know what to look for. The person with sleep apnea does snore loudly. There is a difference between the two conditions, however. Obstructive sleep apnea involves the total blockage of the airway during sleep. This occurs gradually as muscles relax in deeper sleep. For this reason, it is common to hear very loud snoring sounds followed by silence. Additionally, the person who is consistently losing sleep due to disruption may experience daytime symptoms such as:

  • An overall lack of productivity

  • The inability to concentrate on work or other tasks

  • Difficulty retaining information or staying focused

  • Mood swings or a general state of persistent irritability

  • Worsening depression or anxiety

  • An increase in clumsiness

  • Micro-sleeps, falling asleep at stoplights or at work

The consequences of sleep apnea are significant and can have a long-term effect on health and wellness. Treatment is necessary if you want to regain a better quality of life. Dr. Levenson is happy to consult with you and to collaborate with your primary physician to restore healthy sleep to your life. 

Many of our patients have been helped by the use of a custom-fit mouthpiece. The oral appliance for sleep apnea is discreet and comfortable. Its purpose is to keep the jaw in proper position as you sleep so that muscles around the throat do not close off the airway when they become lax. 

Learn more about how to manage sleep apnea. Call Levenson Smile for your consultation. 

Treatments for Gum Disease

Dr. Stanley M. Levenson of Levenson Smile in Worcester, MA is a professional who is here to help patients with their oral health needs. In addition to providing preventative care, he also offers periodontal therapy for patients who have developed gum disease. There are a variety of treatment options available for patients to consider when they want to improve the health and appearance of their smiles, and our team is here to assist.


To learn more about the treatment options available, patients first need to get a diagnosis of gum disease from a dentist. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a condition that can generally be avoided with proper oral hygiene habits. However, if it does develop, early diagnosis and immediate treatment are needed. Gum disease is a bacterial condition that causes inflammation and swelling of the gum tissues. It can result in deep pockets between the gum tissues and the teeth. The pockets can harbor bacteria and cause further infection. It can result in the loss of bone, gum tissue, and natural teeth. If patients take good care of their teeth and maintain routine visits with their dentist, they have a much higher chance at avoiding the development of the condition in the first place.


Treatment for gum disease is often referred to as periodontal therapy. Periodontal therapy is a type of treatment that is used to combat the bacteria in the mouth and to bring the teeth and gums back to health. Dr. Stanley M. Levenson and the staff at Levenson Smile are here to help patients address problems as soon as they are diagnosed. This ensures successful treatment and reduced risk to the soft tissues, bone, or natural teeth. There are several treatment options that may be used when it comes to treating gum disease in patients in the Worcester, MA area:

  • Deep cleaning – in the earlier stages of gum disease, referred to as gingivitis, patients may experience red and swollen gums that bleed during brushing and flossing. This is often the first sign that periodontal disease is developing. If caught early enough and properly diagnosed, many patients can reverse the damage with a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums by our dedicated dental staff.

  • Scaling and root planing – the later stages of periodontal disease may require more invasive treatment to address the infection. This treatment, known as scaling and root planing, is a deeper clean and can address surfaces including the roots of the natural teeth.

  • Antibiotics – in many situations, patients may also have antibiotics that are either prescribed to them as an oral medication or as an application onto the teeth and gums. This is done to address the infection immediately, while also keeping the rest of the smile clean with deep cleaning or scaling and root planing.


First, patients need to get a proper diagnosis before they can choose the treatment plan most appropriate for their needs. During an evaluation, which may include x-rays to check the health of the teeth, patients can speak to their dentist about what they are experiencing. Then, the patient is examined to determine if bacteria is present and putting their smile at risk. At this time, the dentist will then offer the treatment options available to help patients bring their smile back to health. The method of treatment is matched to the stage the condition has reached, with the later stages being treated with scaling and root planing.


If you are seeking periodontal care in the Worcester, MA area, we encourage you to book an appointment through our team of professionals at Levenson Smile. Dr. Stanley M. Levenson is a dedicated dentist who can assist patients in the area with treatment for gum disease and other conditions that can negatively impact one’s oral health and wellness. We welcome patients in the community to connect with our team by calling (855) 849-8255 and visiting the office at 9 Linden Street. 

Sedation Dentistry for Dental Phobia

Levenson Smile in Worcester MA combines a comfortable office environment with tools to calm even the most anxious patients. There many types of anesthetics for dental phobia, a more severe form of anxiety where sufferers are so scared of the dentist that they don’t get the oral care they need to stay healthy. 


Anesthetics are medicines to prevent, reduce, or control pain or sensations during procedures. If you’re fearful, anesthesia provided by Dr. Levenson also has a calming effect. For many of the more than 80 percent of Americans with some level of dental fear, unpleasant early childhood experiences are to blame. The American Association of Endodontists further reports 40 percent of those fearful patients only seek treatment during emergencies. 

Since the level of fear varies from person to person, Dr. Levenson customizes anesthesia to your needs. Nitrous oxide may be suggested for more modest cases of dental fear. The effects of “laughing gas” are neutralized by oxygen. If fear has kept you away from the dentist, Levenson Smile may recommend oral conscious sedation. A member of Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation, Dr. Levenson is among a select group of dentists in the area trained and qualified to offer this type of sedation. 

After consulting with you, a calming medication is carefully selected to suit your needs. When taken as prescribed, the drug induces a state of relaxation. You’re awake and able to respond to the dental team, but fears and cares about the procedure and surroundings float away. You’ll have little to no memory of treatment afterward. Lingering fear related to the dental experience is eliminated. 

Since every patient’s preferences are different, Levenson Smile also offers a natural option: NuCalm. Relax and reveal your unforgettable smile, created by Dr. Levenson. Call (855) 849-8255 to schedule your consultation.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing teeth affect more than the look of your smile. Without stimulation from chewing or other functions, underlying bone that supports facial structure shrinks. Over time bone resorption makes you look older than you are, and dramatically alters facial shape. Since dental implants are designed to mimic natural and healthy function, they are also cosmetic teeth replacement in Worcester MA


The implant is the cylindrical-shaped post placed in your jawbone. The implant is designed to function like a natural tooth root. As such, the implant provides support to your new crown, bridge, or denture. This support is missing with traditional options for tooth replacement, such as conventional dentures. Without adequate support, wearers of removable dentures have long complained about poor, loose fit that interferes with the ability to chew efficiently and pronounce words properly. Functional complications are accompanied by cosmetic complications resulting from progressive bone loss, and many of the problems with eating and speaking only worsen with untreated resorption. 


Bone resorption starts much earlier than you may expect. It’s estimated:

  • After 12 months without a tooth, you’ll lose 25 percent of the width of supporting bone

  • Within another 24 months, bone height also decreases by around four millimeters

This process of lost bone width and height keeps repeating itself, and the amount of gum tissue also decreases. Dr. Levenson may recommend grafting to build up bone, so your implant and accordingly new tooth has a strong foundation. As few as four strategically-placed implants can support an entire arch of teeth, which helps to keep associated costs and time in the treatment chair down. Call 855-849-8255 to schedule a consultation, and the Levenson Smile team will discuss payment options, including financing, with you as well as any other questions you may have.

Invisalign Treatment in Shrewsbury, MA

A great many benefits come from straightening crooked teeth. Misalignment affects not only your smile, but also the motion with which you chew foods, the way you speak, and the degree to which oral bacteria can affect teeth and gums. Though the side benefits of correcting misalignment are significant, appearance leads most people to seek Invisalign treatment in our Shrewsbury, MA dental office. For those who prefer to keep dental treatments to themselves, Invisalign is ideal.


Your care on your terms

Invisalign is a customized treatment that is tailored to each patient's oral structure. Even more importantly, treatment is tailored to patients' desire to keep treatment to themselves. We tend to love sharing news and information about ourselves with others, but we want to do so on our own terms, not because we have no choice. Metal braces cannot be hidden. Tooth-colored braces, even, have a tendency to be somewhat noticeable. The clear plastic trays of Invisalign, on the other hand, are barely perceptible because of their translucency and because they are formed so closely to the teeth. There are no protruding parts to catch the eye, only beautiful teeth.

Photos and special events do not have to be impacted with this form of treatment, either. Based on removable aligners, Invisalign allows you to enjoy life to the fullest by removing aligners for short periods when you wish to show your smile in its most natural state.


Invisalign doesn't slow you down

Conventional bracket-and-wire braces, even those that are tooth-colored, can slow down your daily routine due to the extra time that goes into properly cleaning teeth around these obstacles. Rushing through brushing and flossing without taking the extra time can lead to marks on teeth around brackets as well as cavities. 

Meals are also impacted with conventional braces because there are foods that could damage brackets or wires, or both. Invisalign removable aligners allow you to eat the foods you love, and to keep your smile clean and healthy because there are no obstacles in the way of brushing and flossing.

Your smile can be improved on your terms with Invisalign. Contact Levenson Smile for your smile-perfecting consultation.

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