Worcester dentist gets to the source of headache problems with effective treatment

Headaches are a common nervous system disorder. Almost everyone has a headache at some point in their lives. For about 15 percent of the adult population, the condition is severe, and chronic for 18 percent. Women are twice as prone to headaches as men are. If you live with this type of pain, relief could begin with a visit to Dr. Stanley Levenson in Worcester, MA for headache treatment.


A headache feels like a pain in the brain. Yet pain comes from special receptors in nerve endings. The brain does not have these pain receptors. Rather, one of the brain’s jobs is to tell you when other parts of your body are hurting.

So, what causes the throb, ache, or pressure in your head? Muscles, blood vessels, and nerves all over your neck and head . . . including your mouth! When nerves are over-stimulated, or something puts pressure on them, they send a flood of messages to the brain saying that there is a problem. The resulting headache is a natural defense mechanism to help you identify and eliminate a potential threat to the body.

Nerves may react as blood vessels or swell or constrict. This can be triggered by even a small imbalance in the musculoskeletal system of the head and neck, or other oral problem. Dental issues linked to headaches and migraines include:

  • Tooth decay.

  • Oral infection.

  • Poor sleep quality.

  • TMJ disorders.

  • Bruxism - nighttime clenching and grinding.

  • Ill-fitting dental restorations or dentures.

  • Broken or missing teeth.

  • Crooked teeth.

  • Malocclusion - misalignment in the relationship of upper and lower jaws.

The trigeminal nerve cluster originates at each temple with sensory organs extending to the jaw joints, ears, and all over the face and head. When dental problems affect the trigeminal nerve, referred pain may be far-reaching.


In Dr. Levenson’s care, headache treatment starts with a comprehensive examination of your teeth, mouth, and bite. You can expect the doctor to ask questions about your lifestyle, as well as the symptoms and frequency of headaches you experience. He is not prying - this discussion provides vital insight to unravel underlying causes of your discomfort. Using advanced diagnostic technologies, he develops a clear picture of your oral condition as it relates to headaches and imbalances affecting your comfort from head to toe.

Dr. Levenson develops a treatment plan customized to your condition. He starts with the least invasive technique, progressing through options until you find relief. Here are some of the procedures he may recommend:

  • Urgent dental treatment - Addressing trauma, deep cavities, and gum disease is a priority in restoring your oral condition.

  • Dental repairs - Teeth or old dental work showing wear or damage should be dealt with promptly. Dentures may be re-lined or replaced to improve fit.

  • Home therapy - Soothing cool and warm compresses, anti-inflammatory medications, and gentle mouth exercises to ease discomfort.

  • Lifestyle adjustments - Simple modifications to your daily routine - chair height, phone posture, computer usage, gum chewing - can make a big difference.

  • Stress management - A tremendous amount of tension is harbored in our jaws. The doctor will talk with you about drug-free techniques such as exercise, yoga, and meditation help to dissipate stress naturally.

  • Bite adjustment - Precise alterations in tooth height and shape can bring the bite into better alignment, relieving strain on temporomandibular joints. This may also involve replacing missing teeth with dental implants or bridges.

  • Orthodontics - Straight teeth look great and contribute dramatically to oral comfort.

  • Night guard - Wear this custom-fit mouthguard at night to give jaw joints a rest and cushion bruxism force.

  • Oral appliance therapy - Chronic headaches (especially in the morning) are a common side effect of obstructive sleep apnea. A discreet oral appliance, worn at night, can help you get the rest you need to wake feeling refreshed.

Treatment for headaches doesn’t have to mean brain-dulling pain medications. Once you realize that most headaches originate in the mouth, it makes great sense to address the source of the pain instead of just masking symptoms. Dr. Levenson can help, with compassionate dental care. Call Levenson Smile at (855) 849-8255 to schedule an appointment.

Sedation Dentistry in Worcester, MA

“Sedation dentistry” is a broad term that describes using a medication to help a patient relax for dental care. This simple addition to the treatment protocol can help a fearful patient get necessary dental work caught up and make the experience more pleasant for anyone. For Dr. Stanley Levenson in Worcester, MA, it is value-added service he believes his patients deserve.


It is important to understand the difference between anesthetic and sedation. Anesthesia is a pain block. It reduces your body’s sensitivity to pain by preventing transmission of nerve pulses. Sedation calms the activity of anxiety centers in the brain. Thus, sedation dentistry is not a substitute for anesthesia, nor vice versa.

Sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” but this term is largely inaccurate. General anesthesia affects the whole body by causing the patient to lose consciousness. With sedation, however, the patient remains conscious, able to breathe naturally, respond to verbal communication, and move around if necessary. Some people become so relaxed that they doze off, but this is sleep - not chemically-induced unconsciousness.

Dr. Levenson offer two contemporary options in sedation, for solutions that fit the needs of most patients.

NuCalm is a well-liked choice because it utilizes your body’s own soothing capabilities for a relaxed experience in the chair. NuCalm creates a deep sense of peace and wellbeing through the use of a natural amino-acid supplement that counteracts adrenalin. A comfortable eye mask blocks light and visual stimuli. Painless microcurrent stimulation balances the brain’s neurochemistry while interrupting stress signals. Soothing soundtracks with neuroacoustic beats guide brain waves to a relaxed state. Nu-Calm is a medication-free option that leaves you feeling alert and refreshed after dental treatment.

Oral conscious sedation is a medication in the valium family of drugs, taken in pill form before a dental appointment. You are awake, but unconcerned about the sounds, sites, and sensations of dental treatment. You will be a little groggy from the medication, though, so it is a necessity to have someone drive you to and from the appointment. The effect is gone by the next morning. 


Each year thousands of people suffer needlessly from untreated tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, and other dental problems because they have dental anxiety. This very real apprehension may even keep them from scheduling a professional cleanings and checkups. While this is the most common need, there are many other situations where sedation dentistry also makes great sense:

  • The patient who needs extensive treatment or numerous procedures can have work completed in one day. That saves travel, missed work time, and multiple numbings.

  • If you unconsciously “fight” the dentist by tensing up, treatment can be completed more efficiently with sedation.

  • Some people cannot sit comfortably without sedation for the duration of a dental appointment, due to physical, mental, or emotional conditions.

  • Sedation calms an over-active gag reflex that makes dental treatment difficult.

  • A patient with a very small mouth or extra-sensitive teeth will have a more comfortable experience with sedation.

  • A person who has been resistant to numbing in the past will feel assured by the addition of sedation.



Dr. Levenson is well-trained in sedation, and he uses medications that are very safe. In addition, the doctor thoroughly evaluates your health and medical history before prescribing this treatment. When sedation is appropriate, it can be beneficial in ways you might not anticipate.

The body follows the mind. That is, when the mind is anxious, the body tenses up. When the mind unwinds, stress in the body also dissipates. If you normally leave the dentist with a stiff jaw, neck, back, or shoulders, you will be pleasantly surprised at how good you feel physically, after sedation dentistry. Since your mouth is relaxed, there is less trauma from treatment to hard and soft tissues, so you heal faster. 

Because there are no unpleasant associations with dental visits, you may gradually overcome phobia and begin looking forward to appointments. In the long term, this equates to a healthier mouth that contributes to overall wellness.

Are you ready to get back in the chair and start enjoying a comfortable, attractive smile? Dr. Levenson can help, with gentle sedation dentistry. Call Levenson Smile in Worcester, MA at 855-849-8255 to schedule a low-stress visit.

Six Month Smiles in Shrewsbury

Aligning teeth near the front of the smile is often brought up by patients who are interested in seeking orthodontic treatment. Dr. Stanley Levenson of Shrewsbury area's Levenson Smile can provide a wide range of solutions for addressing problems such as malocclusion of the dental arch and/or the bite. Instead of undergoing traditional orthodontics, which requires the placement of metal brackets and wires over the teeth (which can be embarrassing and have a negative effect on one's smile throughout treatment), patients may be able to consider alternatives such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles—both orthodontic services available through Levenson Smile. 

Six Month Smiles is a method that uses brackets and wires, but they are tooth-colored. This allows them to be much more discreet than conventional braces and provides patients with a more aesthetic treatment overall. Additionally, thanks to the special Lucid-Lok technique, patients can enjoy much shorter treatment times. Most patients who undergo Six Month Smiles will enjoy the results in less than a year. 

Six Month Smile realigns the smile and patients are then encouraged to maintain the results by wearing a customized retainer. All orthodontic treatments must finish with the use of a retainer, which is an acrylic and metal apparatus that snaps into the dental arch and is worn overnight to maintain the new alignment. These may be worn for many years to keep the new smile looking its best. 

Many patients prefer Six Month Smiles treatment over other methods of orthodontics because of the speed in which they can obtain their new smile. The process starts with an evaluation during which Dr. Levenson will determine if patients can benefit more from this or another orthodontic service. Patients can enjoy fast, easy appointments to evaluate progress and can enjoy the benefits Six Month Smiles has to offer. 

If you live in the Shrewsbury or Worcester area and want to speak with a dental professional about the ways in which Six Month Smiles can transform your oral health and appearance, contact Levenson Smile today to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art dental facility. We are committed to assisting patients of all ages in improving the health and wellness of their smiles and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful appearance.

Painless Dentistry in Worcester

Many patients, young and old, are intimidated by the dentist’s office. The sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office can ignite worry and concern in patients. Some associate the dental office with pain and discomfort. Instead, patients of our Worcester office can have a completely different experience during their dental visit with practically painless dentistry!

"Painless dentistry" is achieved with the use of sedation. Sedation methods, such as oral conscious sedation, are popular for adults who are uneasy or nervous about seeing their dentist. They may have had a bad experience in the past or are worried by the fear of the unknown. Oral conscious sedation can take away the anxieties and allow a patient to enjoy stress free visits to the dentist. Other patients may fare better with lighter sedation methods such as "laughing gas," medically referred to as nitrous oxide. Discussing sedation methods with Dr. Levenson before an appointment is important to determine what works well for each patient's situation and level of anxiety.

For this oral sedation, patients will take an oral medication before their appointment. Transportation is arranged to and from the dental practice, as they will be unable to drive. Patients arrive conscious and coherent, answering questions and following directions. The entire treatment is completed while patients are relaxed, and they are sent home afterwards to rest. When they awaken, they will not recall the dental visit, but will enjoy improved dental health.

Dr. Levenson finds that fears or apprehensions associated with the dental office are easily addressed with sedation. Patients do not experience pain and discomfort during these visits thanks to the administration of local anesthetics. The fear of pain is eliminated; ensuring patients are at ease before and during their appointment.

If you want to learn more about sedation dentistry and learn how it can make your visits more positive, contact Dr. Levenson of Levenson Smile in Worcester. His practice is committed to friendly, trusting dental care, and is happy to welcome new patients. During the initial consultation appointment, patients can ask many of the questions they may have in regards to their dental care and the help they can receive from Dr. Levenson.

Why a Worcester area dentist may suggest a painless treatment with oral conscious sedation

Although many patients are fearful of visiting the dentist, it should not deter them from getting the dental care they need to maintain a healthy smile. Dr. Levenson of Levenson Smile in Worcester is committed to helping his patients attain an unforgettable smile! Using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials in his practice, he can provide the improvement and enhancement of smiles in an effective and natural manner with sedation dentistry. Many patients choose oral conscious sedation.

To assist patients who have anxieties regarding dental appointments, Dr. Levenson provides oral conscious sedation. This offers patients a virtually painless visit to the practice. The dentist prescribes medication for patients to be taken approximately one hour before their appointment. With transportation provided by a trusted friend, family member, or even a taxicab, patients should arrive at the appointment completely conscious and ready for their treatment. During the procedure, patients are coherent and are able to answer questions and follow requests, as necessary. Afterwards, they arrive home to rest, and when they wake up, they may have little to no recollection of their visit — but their dental work is completed!

Oral conscious sedation offers a solution to anxieties and nervousness. It allows patients to overcome their fears of dental appointments and receive proper treatments. This method of sedation can be used in many instances, including everything from a simple cleaning procedure to a complex smile rehabilitation. All patients need to do to obtain this treatment is ask. During an initial consultation visit, we can determine if this is the best way to reduce dental anxiety and get patients in for dental care.

Patients in the Worcester area are invited to visit Dr. Levenson to learn about oral conscious sedation and other sedation methods available. He can help patients address their dental fears and seek the assistance they need in attaining and maintaining a healthy smile. Call Levenson Smile today—we are always welcoming new patients to our practice!

Difference Between Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign has become an increasingly popular method of repairing the smile when misalignment is an issue. This treatment has many advances over conventional braces, and Shrewsbury area dentist, Dr. Levenson, can work with new and existing patients to determine which solution is best for specific smile needs.

Here are some of the most common differences between Invisalign vs. traditional braces:


Invisalign is done with clear plastic aligner trays which are worn to gently reposition the teeth. They must be worn at all times. This is often not a problem as they are incredibly comfortable. They are made of high quality plastic which is smooth and does not scratch the inside of the mouth as conventional braces can.


By using clear plastic aligners, the treatment can occur without many others even realizing it. Invisalign is very discreet, allowing teenagers and adults to rejuvenate their smile without others knowing. Traditional metal bracket and wire braces can be obvious and very unattractive, which is one of their primary disadvantages—especially for those who are worried about their appearance during treatment. Dr. Levenson may suggest Invisalign if patients are uneasy about the idea of covering their natural teeth with metal.


Invisalign is an affordable way of straightening the smile. In most cases, the cost is comparable to that of metal bracket and wire braces.

Visits with Dentist

Traditional orthodontia requires that patients visit a specialist called an orthodontist. They may be someone patients do not already know and trust with their dental care. With Invisalign, patients can continue to see their family doctor for treatments. Dr. Levenson will only refer patients to an orthodontist if their dental concerns are more severe than what Invisalign can handle.

Easy to Use

While patients must insert and remove Invisalign aligners, they are still easy to use. Patients must comply with treatment in order to see the desired results. Invisalign trays snap in and out of the dental arch with ease.

At Levenson Smile, we believe everyone has the ability to achieve a beautiful smile that makes them happy and confident. Shrewsbury area patients are encouraged to visit with Dr. Levenson to learn about the advantages of Invisalign over conventional orthodontia.

About Mini Dental Implants

At Levenson Smile, our team of professionals provide patients in the Worcester area with a wide selection of services that can meet their dental needs. We know that the smile should be “unforgettable” and look its best. Dental treatment not only improve the health of the smile, but the appearance, and with cosmetic dentistry options available, Dr. Stanley Levenson can help patients achieve both. 

Restoring the smile is a common request from patients who have experienced tooth loss from disease, extraction, or trauma. The loss of a natural tooth can impact one’s life with poor speaking and chewing abilities, as well as a lack of confidence over their appearance. When individuals in the Worcester area are interested in achieving a more beautiful smile after tooth loss, Dr. Stanley Levenson can assist. 

When patients are faced with tooth loss, they often ask about restorations such as dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts which Dr. Stanley Levenson installs into the jaw of the bone during oral surgery and restores over the top with a dental crown, bridge, or a denture—depending on the needs of the patient. These versatile restorations are considered the “gold standard” in smile repair because they can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Dr. Stanley Levenson finds that patients who have enough bone structure in their jaw are able to enjoy the benefits of dental implants. However, those who have experienced bone loss may not be a good fit for these restorations. This is where the placement of mini dental implants can come into place. 

Mini dental implants are shorter in length and smaller in diameter than traditional dental implants and should be considered for patients who do not want to undergo bone grafting to prepare the smile for implants or for those who want to achieve a tooth replacement option with the bone structure they currently have. Mini dental implants can be placed in areas that more traditional dental implants cannot, so it should be considered in certain circumstances as an alternative solution. 

Dr. Stanley Levenson and his team of professionals welcome patients in the Worcester area who are interested in achieving a more attractive smile when tooth loss occurs. Mini dental implants may be a viable choice for patients who are not appropriate candidates for more traditional means of replacement and should not be overlooked as an option.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

While many of us expect to have our natural teeth last our entire lifetime, sometimes they don't. Whether it is from trauma, periodontal disease, or other reasons, natural teeth can be lost. From one tooth to many teeth, replacing them can help patients feel better about their smile and be less self-conscious about the gaps and imperfections they cause. One way to replace missing teeth is with a restoration called dental implants, also known as "teeth implants."

Dental implants are titanium rods that are placed into the bone to act as a "root," and then are capped with a crown to look like a natural tooth in its place. Dental implants are a restorative alternative to dental bridges and dentures, but have a number of benefits over the latter options.

Dental implants are considered a permanent and reliable restoration. Teeth implants have a high success rate when placed by a professional, trained specialist. At Levenson Smile, Dr. Sarah Shih places implants for patients. They are extremely reliable and easy to care for, while lasting several years--even a lifetime--when properly maintained and cared for.

Tooth implants are also extremely aesthetic. Many others don't even know when a patient has a dental implant in place because they look so natural. By having a dental implant placed by Dr. Shih, patients can also keep their existing natural teeth from shifting around due to the gap left behind. This can result in additional cosmetic services such as orthodontics to get the teeth back in their original places. Dental implants can save time, money, and extra dental work that may occur with the loss of a tooth or teeth.

Dental implants can also help stimulate bone growth, which can deteriorate after a person loses their natural tooth and the root structure that comes with it. This kind of bone loss can be noticed with patients who have worn dentures for several years, and their bone continues to "melt away" because it is not being stimulated by natural teeth.

There are many benefits of teeth implants over alternative restorations like dentures and bridges, so it is important to talk to Dr. Levenson of Worcester to determine if you are a candidate for this amazing restorative procedure. Call Levenson Smiles today to schedule a consultation and examination to find out if you too can enjoy the benefits of dental implants!

Clear Braces in Worcester

Worcester dentist Dr. Levenson of Levenson Smiles knows how important it is to have a wonderful, beautiful smile. Patients that have crooked and misaligned teeth may feel extremely self-conscious and avoid smiling, talking, or laughing for fear of others judging them by their less-than-perfect smile. Over the years, teenagers and adults always thought that traditional metal wire and bracket braces were the only way to improve the alignment of their teeth. No one wants to hide their smile behind metal brackets and wires, and now, no one has to. Thanks to Six Month Smiles, Worcester dentists can provide straighter smiles without the unsightly metal associated with traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles is a way for Worcester dentists to realign smiles with what is known as "clear braces." Similar to traditional orthodontics, Six Month Smiles utilizes brackets and wires. The difference, however, is that Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored brackets and wires. While these are visible, they are not nearly as noticeable as traditional metal braces. When you smile, the last thing people will notice are your braces.

Six Month Smiles are often faster than traditional orthodontics as well, because they focus primarily on the more noticeable teeth in the smile: the front teeth. With this in mind, it is important to note that Six Month Smiles are not recommended for patients who need to change their bite or require other extensive changes to their smile and alignment. Invisalign is a popular alternative for individuals who want to address these kinds of problems but still don't want to undergo traditional orthodontic treatment. These clear braces are best for patients with minor readjustments. Treatment time often takes less than traditional braces because of this, making it a fast and easy way to improve your smile.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional braces that are faster and less noticeable, now is the time to consider Six Month Smiles. Dr. Levenson in Worcester is happy to provide this wonderful way to straighten teeth without unsightly metal brackets and wires. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what Six Month Smiles clear braces can do for you!

What are the Alternatives to Dental Implants?

When tooth loss occurs, many patients consider dental implants. Worcester residents can come to Levenson Smile to have Dr. Levenson address the cosmetic and functional issues that can occur from the loss of natural teeth. His goal is to offer his patients the ability to attain the unforgettable smile they've always wanted, and thanks to cosmetic dentistry, he can do just that!

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw. A dental crown is then placed on top to create a natural-looking false tooth that replaces the natural tooth. Porcelain is used to create the dental crown, as this is one of the most natural-looking, strongest materials available for cosmetic dentistry. There are two types of implants: traditional dental implants and mini dental implants. Worcester dentist Dr. Levenson may use mini dental implants for patients who do not have as much bone structure to support a traditional dental implant.

There are alternatives to dental implants. Dental bridges can be used to place a false tooth in the location where a natural tooth once was. They can "bridge the gap" that is left from a missing tooth. A dental bridge utilizes the surrounding teeth to support a pontic, or false tooth, in the space between them. However, dental bridges require that healthy tooth structure be removed from the adjacent teeth to place the bridge, while a dental implant is a stand-alone restoration that is extremely conservative in nature.

Another alternative to dental implants are dentures. Partial dentures can be used to replace a missing tooth temporarily. However, many patients do not want to deal with a removable restoration their entire life, and may later consider a dental implant. Dental implants also help stimulate bone growth that can be lost when patients lose a tooth and consider alternatives such as dentures.

Dr. Levenson provides dental implants and other restorations to help patients achieve a more beautiful, unforgettable smile. If you are considering the various methods available for tooth replacement, then call Levenson Smile today to schedule an initial consultation appointment to discuss the possibilities with Dr. Levenson!

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