Difference Between Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign has become an increasingly popular method of repairing the smile when misalignment is an issue. This treatment has many advances over conventional braces, and Shrewsbury area dentist, Dr. Levenson, can work with new and existing patients to determine which solution is best for specific smile needs.

Here are some of the most common differences between Invisalign vs. traditional braces:


Invisalign is done with clear plastic aligner trays which are worn to gently reposition the teeth. They must be worn at all times. This is often not a problem as they are incredibly comfortable. They are made of high quality plastic which is smooth and does not scratch the inside of the mouth as conventional braces can.


By using clear plastic aligners, the treatment can occur without many others even realizing it. Invisalign is very discreet, allowing teenagers and adults to rejuvenate their smile without others knowing. Traditional metal bracket and wire braces can be obvious and very unattractive, which is one of their primary disadvantages—especially for those who are worried about their appearance during treatment. Dr. Levenson may suggest Invisalign if patients are uneasy about the idea of covering their natural teeth with metal.


Invisalign is an affordable way of straightening the smile. In most cases, the cost is comparable to that of metal bracket and wire braces.

Visits with Dentist

Traditional orthodontia requires that patients visit a specialist called an orthodontist. They may be someone patients do not already know and trust with their dental care. With Invisalign, patients can continue to see their family doctor for treatments. Dr. Levenson will only refer patients to an orthodontist if their dental concerns are more severe than what Invisalign can handle.

Easy to Use

While patients must insert and remove Invisalign aligners, they are still easy to use. Patients must comply with treatment in order to see the desired results. Invisalign trays snap in and out of the dental arch with ease.

At Levenson Smile, we believe everyone has the ability to achieve a beautiful smile that makes them happy and confident. Shrewsbury area patients are encouraged to visit with Dr. Levenson to learn about the advantages of Invisalign over conventional orthodontia.

About Mini Dental Implants

At Levenson Smile, our team of professionals provide patients in the Worcester area with a wide selection of services that can meet their dental needs. We know that the smile should be “unforgettable” and look its best. Dental treatment not only improve the health of the smile, but the appearance, and with cosmetic dentistry options available, Dr. Stanley Levenson can help patients achieve both. 

Restoring the smile is a common request from patients who have experienced tooth loss from disease, extraction, or trauma. The loss of a natural tooth can impact one’s life with poor speaking and chewing abilities, as well as a lack of confidence over their appearance. When individuals in the Worcester area are interested in achieving a more beautiful smile after tooth loss, Dr. Stanley Levenson can assist. 

When patients are faced with tooth loss, they often ask about restorations such as dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts which Dr. Stanley Levenson installs into the jaw of the bone during oral surgery and restores over the top with a dental crown, bridge, or a denture—depending on the needs of the patient. These versatile restorations are considered the “gold standard” in smile repair because they can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Dr. Stanley Levenson finds that patients who have enough bone structure in their jaw are able to enjoy the benefits of dental implants. However, those who have experienced bone loss may not be a good fit for these restorations. This is where the placement of mini dental implants can come into place. 

Mini dental implants are shorter in length and smaller in diameter than traditional dental implants and should be considered for patients who do not want to undergo bone grafting to prepare the smile for implants or for those who want to achieve a tooth replacement option with the bone structure they currently have. Mini dental implants can be placed in areas that more traditional dental implants cannot, so it should be considered in certain circumstances as an alternative solution. 

Dr. Stanley Levenson and his team of professionals welcome patients in the Worcester area who are interested in achieving a more attractive smile when tooth loss occurs. Mini dental implants may be a viable choice for patients who are not appropriate candidates for more traditional means of replacement and should not be overlooked as an option.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

While many of us expect to have our natural teeth last our entire lifetime, sometimes they don't. Whether it is from trauma, periodontal disease, or other reasons, natural teeth can be lost. From one tooth to many teeth, replacing them can help patients feel better about their smile and be less self-conscious about the gaps and imperfections they cause. One way to replace missing teeth is with a restoration called dental implants, also known as "teeth implants."

Dental implants are titanium rods that are placed into the bone to act as a "root," and then are capped with a crown to look like a natural tooth in its place. Dental implants are a restorative alternative to dental bridges and dentures, but have a number of benefits over the latter options.

Dental implants are considered a permanent and reliable restoration. Teeth implants have a high success rate when placed by a professional, trained specialist. At Levenson Smile, Dr. Sarah Shih places implants for patients. They are extremely reliable and easy to care for, while lasting several years--even a lifetime--when properly maintained and cared for.

Tooth implants are also extremely aesthetic. Many others don't even know when a patient has a dental implant in place because they look so natural. By having a dental implant placed by Dr. Shih, patients can also keep their existing natural teeth from shifting around due to the gap left behind. This can result in additional cosmetic services such as orthodontics to get the teeth back in their original places. Dental implants can save time, money, and extra dental work that may occur with the loss of a tooth or teeth.

Dental implants can also help stimulate bone growth, which can deteriorate after a person loses their natural tooth and the root structure that comes with it. This kind of bone loss can be noticed with patients who have worn dentures for several years, and their bone continues to "melt away" because it is not being stimulated by natural teeth.

There are many benefits of teeth implants over alternative restorations like dentures and bridges, so it is important to talk to Dr. Levenson of Worcester to determine if you are a candidate for this amazing restorative procedure. Call Levenson Smiles today to schedule a consultation and examination to find out if you too can enjoy the benefits of dental implants!

Clear Braces in Worcester

Worcester dentist Dr. Levenson of Levenson Smiles knows how important it is to have a wonderful, beautiful smile. Patients that have crooked and misaligned teeth may feel extremely self-conscious and avoid smiling, talking, or laughing for fear of others judging them by their less-than-perfect smile. Over the years, teenagers and adults always thought that traditional metal wire and bracket braces were the only way to improve the alignment of their teeth. No one wants to hide their smile behind metal brackets and wires, and now, no one has to. Thanks to Six Month Smiles, Worcester dentists can provide straighter smiles without the unsightly metal associated with traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles is a way for Worcester dentists to realign smiles with what is known as "clear braces." Similar to traditional orthodontics, Six Month Smiles utilizes brackets and wires. The difference, however, is that Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored brackets and wires. While these are visible, they are not nearly as noticeable as traditional metal braces. When you smile, the last thing people will notice are your braces.

Six Month Smiles are often faster than traditional orthodontics as well, because they focus primarily on the more noticeable teeth in the smile: the front teeth. With this in mind, it is important to note that Six Month Smiles are not recommended for patients who need to change their bite or require other extensive changes to their smile and alignment. Invisalign is a popular alternative for individuals who want to address these kinds of problems but still don't want to undergo traditional orthodontic treatment. These clear braces are best for patients with minor readjustments. Treatment time often takes less than traditional braces because of this, making it a fast and easy way to improve your smile.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional braces that are faster and less noticeable, now is the time to consider Six Month Smiles. Dr. Levenson in Worcester is happy to provide this wonderful way to straighten teeth without unsightly metal brackets and wires. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what Six Month Smiles clear braces can do for you!

What are the Alternatives to Dental Implants?

When tooth loss occurs, many patients consider dental implants. Worcester residents can come to Levenson Smile to have Dr. Levenson address the cosmetic and functional issues that can occur from the loss of natural teeth. His goal is to offer his patients the ability to attain the unforgettable smile they've always wanted, and thanks to cosmetic dentistry, he can do just that!

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw. A dental crown is then placed on top to create a natural-looking false tooth that replaces the natural tooth. Porcelain is used to create the dental crown, as this is one of the most natural-looking, strongest materials available for cosmetic dentistry. There are two types of implants: traditional dental implants and mini dental implants. Worcester dentist Dr. Levenson may use mini dental implants for patients who do not have as much bone structure to support a traditional dental implant.

There are alternatives to dental implants. Dental bridges can be used to place a false tooth in the location where a natural tooth once was. They can "bridge the gap" that is left from a missing tooth. A dental bridge utilizes the surrounding teeth to support a pontic, or false tooth, in the space between them. However, dental bridges require that healthy tooth structure be removed from the adjacent teeth to place the bridge, while a dental implant is a stand-alone restoration that is extremely conservative in nature.

Another alternative to dental implants are dentures. Partial dentures can be used to replace a missing tooth temporarily. However, many patients do not want to deal with a removable restoration their entire life, and may later consider a dental implant. Dental implants also help stimulate bone growth that can be lost when patients lose a tooth and consider alternatives such as dentures.

Dr. Levenson provides dental implants and other restorations to help patients achieve a more beautiful, unforgettable smile. If you are considering the various methods available for tooth replacement, then call Levenson Smile today to schedule an initial consultation appointment to discuss the possibilities with Dr. Levenson!

Why Dental Implants Are the Best Tooth Loss Treatment

Patients in Worcester are often concerned about the beauty and appearance of their smiles. When tooth loss occurs, it can be damaging to one’s self-esteem and confidence. Patients who have lost natural teeth will want to consider cosmetic restoration for more than just appearance. Gaps left by missing teeth may result in shifting and of the remaining teeth, and can wreak havoc on the alignment and appearance of a patient’s entire smile. Lost teeth can also negatively affect chewing and biting efficiency, including the ability to speak clearly. By restoring a natural tooth as soon as loss occurs, patients can maintain their smile’s appearance and efficiency.

Dr. Levenson, of Levenson Smile, may suggest dental implants to patients considering long-term, permanent tooth replacement. While alternative treatments, such as dentures and fixed dental bridges may be viable options, they may not be the best choice for each patient. When a patient has sufficient bone structure in place and needs to replace just one missing tooth, a dental implant is typically best.

Dental implants have several benefits over alternative restoration options. They have a high success rate, and can last a patient’s entire life with proper home care and regular dental visits. They are a standalone restoration that does not require surrounding teeth to be altered, as dental bridges require. They are easy to maintain, affordable, and are a permanent solution to tooth loss. This makes them the “gold standard” in tooth restoration, and provides patients worry-free dentistry.

At the practice of Levenson Smile in Worcester, Dr. Sarah Shih places dental implants for patients who have made the decision to make them part of their smiles. She understands that some patients are concerned about their comfort and anxiety before, during, and after the procedure. Dr. Levenson and Dr. Shih explain what to expect with the surgery and how to care for the implant after it has been placed. Regular visits to Dr. Levenson for check-ups and examinations ensure that the implant will last a long time and can help patients achieve that unforgettable smile!

6 Month Smile Braces Worcester

Crooked, misaligned teeth can greatly affect a patient's appearance, as well as their self-esteem. Not everyone has a naturally straight smile, but that does not mean that it is not attainable. Instead of using traditional orthodontic methods to straighten teeth, Dr. Levenson uses 6 Month Smile braces. Worcester residents can enjoy the benefits of a fast and easy approach to a straighter, more beautiful smile!

Dr. Levenson of Levenson Smile is one of the few dentists in the state of Massachusetts that is professionally trained in providing Six Month Smiles. They are similar to traditional orthodontic metal bracket and wire braces in the respect that they use brackets and wires to straighten teeth; however, they are tooth-colored so that they blend in perfectly with the patient's smile. When patients are considering orthodontics, they are often turned off by the idea of having metal over their teeth. This alternative allows the condition to be addressed while preserving the beautiful smile. It is a great way for teenagers and adults in social careers and jobs to maintain their look during treatment.

Six Month Smile braces work faster than traditional braces because they address the teeth that are visible near the front of the mouth. Traditional braces are used to realign bites and address other, more severe cases of malocclusion. The best candidates for Six Month Smile braces are those who need minor to moderate readjustments, and those that are happy with the alignment of their bite. When just the front teeth are addressed with orthodontics, the readjustments can be made much faster and more efficiently.

If you are a Worcester area patient who is 16 or older and are considering Six Month Smiles braces, call Levenson Smile today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about this amazing way to straighten teeth without traditional braces. You may find that this is a more affordable, faster alternative to metal bracket and wire braces, which can take months, even years to address minor to moderate misalignment issues.

What to Expect with Sedation Dental treatments

While professionalism is paramount, Dr. Stanley Levenson and his team maintain a lighthearted atmosphere that puts patients at ease. Yet, some people are still anxious at the idea of treatment. Dental anxiety or phobia is a real condition and nothing to be embarrassed about. Sedation helps to break the cycle of anxiety. Keep reading for more information about what to expect from dental sedation at Levenson Smile in Worcester, MA.


Sedation should not be confused with anesthesia, which is chemically-induced insensitivity to pain. Sedation depresses nerve centers in the brain that trigger an anxiety response.

Dental anxiety may manifest as vague uneasiness that lets you justify canceling a checkup or putting off treatment for a minor toothache or a little pink in the sink when you brush. For some people, though, phobiacauses full-blown panic; reluctance to schedule an appointment for necessary care, sleeplessness the night before, and escalating anxiety in the waiting room. That’s okay – Dr. Levenson has experience with all levels of apprehension, and solutions.

Underlying causes of dental anxiety are unique combinations of circumstances. Here are some of the ways Dr. Levenson successfully counters those conditions:

  • Discomfort with clinical surroundings. Oral conscious sedation is the best way to gently take the edge off bright lights, shiny instruments, and unusual sounds, smells, and sensations.

  • Fear of pain. This natural survival instinct may be exaggerated by previous rough handling in the dental chair, or the inflated stories of others. Dr. Levenson is known for a gentle touch that minimizes patient discomfort.

  • Fear of needles, or that numbing will not eliminate pain. The doctor carefully considers your medical history before providing anesthesia and he has more than 30 years of experience in locating the best spot for effective numbing. He uses a special distraction technique that minimizes pinch.

  • Control issues – feeling vulnerable or helpless. Our team keeps you involved in treatment so there are no surprises. You know what to expect, and your wellbeing is continually monitored.

  • Personal space invasion. While the dentist must be close to perform the task at hand, Dr. Levenson takes an extremely respectful approach, maintaining comfortable distance and giving the patient momentary breaks.

Even more important than sedation is the awareness that this team genuinely cares about you. It is evident from the first telephone call to the completion of your treatment.


There are just a few things you need to do before your visit:

  • Be sure to fill your prescription for the oral sedation medication. It generally consists of one to three doses of a Valium-type drug.

  • Arrange for someone to drive you to the appointment and home afterward.

  • Get a good night’s sleep before your treatment. Depending on your level of anxiety, Dr. Levenson may recommend a dose of medication at bedtime to help.

  • Take the medication, as Dr. Levenson prescribes, usually about an hour before you arrive at the dental office.

  • Then relax –you are in good hands.


An assistant checks you in and walks you to the operatory. Your driver may wait, or we can call or text when your visit is nearing completion. Once you are settled comfortably in the chair, treatment begins, calmly and predictably. You are not left alone during numbing. You remain conscious, but physically relaxed and mentally unconcerned. Some people are so at ease they doze off! You breathe naturally, can respond to verbal cues, and are free to signal the team at any time. If you need to use the rest room or move around a bit during a lengthy procedure, assistance is provided.


The assistant walks you to the reception area. Sedation patients may choose to arrange payment or financing in advance, or our front desk staff will handle it efficiently at checkout. You are turned over to the care of your driver to return home. 

There is some residual drowsiness, so take it easy the remainder of the day and sleep well. You will likely awake refreshed, with little or no memory of treatment. Since sedation also relaxes your body, there is minimal jaw, neck, or back stiffness, and the mouth heals quickly. 

You CAN enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth and attractive smile. Call Levenson Smile in Worcester, MAat 855-849-8255 to talk with Dr. Levenson about dental treatment with sedation.

Full Dentures for Tooth Replacement

At Levenson Smile, patients in the Worcester, MA area who are faced with tooth loss may be unsure of the options available to them. The idea of full dentures makes many patients think about the restorations their grandparents used to have. Full dentures may bring to mind images of ill-fitting false teeth that looked nothing like the original smile. With today’s advances in dentistry, full dentures are becoming more natural looking and have a better fit than ever before. Dr. Stanley Leveson and his professionals are here to help patients in obtaining the smile they’ve always wanted with state-of-the-art full dentures.


Our dentist, who provides full dentures, works closely with patients to help them determine if dentures are the most beneficial option for their smiles. Many of our patients who have lost all their teeth or are preparing for extractions will want to find out how the use of full dentures will impact their smile. Full dentures are essentially acrylic restorations that include false teeth and gums. The restorations allow patients to restore the functionality of their smiles for eating and speaking.

  • Evaluation – the process of obtaining full dentures starts with an initial evaluation. Not everyone is well-suited for full dentures, so during the initial examination, our professionals will take x-rays and provide a physical evaluation to see if other options such as partial dentures can be used. Full dentures are only used in situations in which the patient has no teeth along the dental arch. This may be due to tooth loss or extractions.

  • Extractions – some patients with just a few teeth may choose to have the teeth remaining in the dental arch extracted. This is to prepare the smile for the fabrication and placement of the full dentures. This may be better than using large partial dentures to replace more than half the teeth along the dental arch.

  • Impressions – once the area is prepared, a series of impressions is taken. These impressions are molds of the gums, which are then used to create the dentures. The fabrication of the new smile is done with the help of the patient. Patients work alongside our dentist to design their new teeth in size, shape, and color.

  • Fabrication – the impressions are then sent to an outside dental laboratory with specific design instructions from the dentist. The impressions are used to ensure that the new dentures fit in the smile precisely for optimum function.

  • Placement – once the dentures are completed by the dental laboratory, they are sent to the dental office. Patients come in for another appointment during which they are fitted with their dentures. Patients take this time to learn about how to place and remove their dentures, clean them, and how to care for them so that they will last as long as possible. Most patients need some time to adjust to their dentures. If patients are using dental adhesives to secure their dentures in place, they are educated on how to use the adhesives properly.



Any patient who has lost all the teeth within the dental arch or wants to undergo extractions to prepare their smile for full dentures, will be considered an appropriate candidate. During an evaluation with Dr. Stanley Levenson, patients can learn about alternative options that they may be able to use, depending on their unique situation. Sometimes, patients may be able to enjoy bridges or implants, or even use dental implants along with their full dentures for optimum stability and strength. We encourage patients to take the time to educate themselves on the ways in which they can repair their smiles after tooth loss.


Dr. Stanley Levenson of Levenson Smile is a dentist in Worcester, MA who is dedicated to helping patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. If tooth loss has impacted the function and appearance of your smile, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with our professionals to learn about the advantages of full dentures. Call the office at (855) 849-8255 to schedule your visit, and attend your appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 9 Linden Street. 

Painless Dentistry in Worcester MA

As dental associations began polling Americans about various dental topics, dentists were given the full view of just how prevalent dental anxiety is. Feelings of fear tied to dental treatment affect three out of four adults. Some nervous patients experience fluttering butterflies before a dental appointment, where others cannot face stepping into a dental office, even when they understand the importance of professional dental care.

Dr. Levenson and our team of compassionate dental providers believe that our patients deserve to feel comfortable in our office. We are one of the few in the area to offer sedation dentistry to help make dental treatment a more positive experience. If you want to enjoy painless, stress-free treatment, work with skilled sedation dentist in Worcester, MA, Dr. Stanley Levenson.

There are a number of benefits that come from the use of sedatives in dental treatment. Whether it is nitrous oxide that is breathed, or an oral sedative taken well before you reach our office, your experience is improved with:

  • Greater comfort, both physical and emotional. On the physical side, it has been discovered that many sedatives are also capable of blocking pain. Furthermore, sedatives can be ideal for patients who have conditions that limit their range of motion. A sedative relaxes the mind and the muscles, making dental care a far more pleasant experience.

  • Relief from fear and anxiety is the primary benefit of sedation dentistry. Polls suggest that approximately ten percent of those needing dental care will put off seeing the dentist, sometimes for many years, due to fear. A sedative taken well before a dental appointment significantly reduces anxiety, to the point of allowing the patient to walk confidently into our office for his or her dental visit.

  • Memory loss is not something we may normally desire. When it comes to dental care for an anxious patient, however, this can be a true benefit. When oral conscious sedation is a part of treatment, patients find that they have no recollection of the treatment they received, a point that can make it even easier to continue with recommended dental care.

  • A calmed gag reflex is possible with sedation. Some people feel uncomfortable undergoing dental care not because of a past experience, but because the gag reflex is so strong they have difficulty even brushing their own teeth. If you have a strong gag reflex that makes dental treatment uncomfortable or embarrassing, sedation dental techniques would greatly improve your visits.

These are just a few of the ways in which sedation dentistry improves patient care. To learn more about our painless dentistry techniques, contact our office.

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