Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

Dental implants are one of the most popular types of tooth replacement solutions. Dental implants are unrivalled in terms of stability and durability. Dental implants don’t rely on healthy natural teeth to support them. Instead, they have an artificial root which is created using a biocompatible titanium post. This post is surgically implanted into the jawbone. Since bone regenerates, it will heal around the implant post to secure it permanently into the structure. This process takes a few months, after which time a custom crown can be used to replace the visible element of the tooth and this is attached to the implant post.


Dental implants require patients to undergo surgery, which necessitates preparation and a recovery period while their mouth heals. Here’s everything that you need to know about what to expect from dental implant surgery recovery.

You may need to wait for the anesthetic and any sedation to wear off

Dental implant surgery is usually carried out using local anesthetic, although in some cases patients may be given sedation too. Depending on what sedation is used, you may need to allow yourself some time after the procedure and may need someone to drive you home and stay with you. The anesthetic may take several hours to wear off and during this time you will need to avoid drinking hot drinks and eating anything so that you don’t inadvertently injure your mouth.

You’ll probably be in some discomfort

Patients will need to prepare for some slight discomfort following their dental implant surgery. Most patients find that over the counter pain medications are enough to keep their discomfort at a tolerable level, but if you do find that you need something stronger, don’t hesitate to speak to your dental implant dentist at Levenson Smile in Worcester, MA. Make sure to take your pain medication as directed for it to be as effective as possible.

You won’t be able to eat your usual diet for a few days

While you probably won’t feel like eating right away and won’t be able to until the anesthetic has worn off, you won’t be able to eat your usual diet of food for at least a few days either. You’ll need to take special care not to disrupt your sutures and your mouth may be slightly swollen and sore, so you will be advised to stick to a soft diet for at least the first 3 or 4 days after surgery, perhaps longer. Your dental implant dentist in Worcester, MA will be able to advise you what you should eat, which could include foods like mashed potatoes, soup, yogurt, and smoothies.

Your mouth may be swollen too

Inflammation and swelling are a natural reaction to any surgery and most often occurs around the sites where incisions have been made. You may wish to hold a cold compress against your face near the incision sites to help counteract swelling, which may also help to reduce discomfort. This should resolve itself within a week or so of your surgery, but if you have any concerns, don’t wait to speak to your dental implant dentist.

Schedule some time off work

While you may feel capable of returning to work fairly quickly, adequate rest and recovery is essential to ensure you heal and recover with minimal complications. Plan to take at least a few days away from work so that you can enjoy some downtime and kickstart the healing process.

Follow your dental implant dentist’s advice

You’ll be issued with a set of very specific post-surgery instructions to follow. These will refer to how to care for your mouth, how to clean around the surgical sites and what you should and shouldn’t do after your dental implant surgery. Make sure that you follow these exactly as directed as these will help to minimize your risk of complications.



If you would like more information about what to expect from dental implant surgery recovery, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Levenson Smile by calling (508) 731-3940.

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