Tips for a Healthy Mouth in the New Year

Tips for a Healthy Mouth in the New Year

Tips for a Healthy Mouth in the New Year

Tips for a Healthy Mouth in the New Year

Tips for a Healthy Mouth in the New Year

Tips for a Healthy Mouth in the New Year

Cheers! Here’s to a New Year! Here’s to a New You! Well, you may not be new, but your focus this year is sharper and renewed. You have resolutions you hope to achieve, and one of them, hopefully, is to lead a healthier life. Part of having a healthy body is to have a healthy mouth.


Luckily, it’s not difficult to keep your mouth healthy. The following tips can help:


1. Maintain a Healthy Diet


Among the essential steps toward better oral health is to watch what you put in your mouth. Eat vegetables and fruits in plenty. They boost your immunity and help to clean your mouth. If your immunity decreased, you would be prone to oral diseases like periodontal disease and others. Also, fruits and veggies like apples, carrots, and celery help scrape off plaque from your teeth surfaces, reducing bacteria occurrence.


2. Brush Twice in a Day


You must brush your teeth every day, if possible, after meals. Get yourself a good toothpaste and toothbrush. If you’re not too sure about what to use, ask your dentist to recommend some.


After a meal, take about 30 minutes, then brush. Some foods contain acids that weaken the enamel. Brushing too soon can cause corrosion. Also, you could push any lingering acidity in your mouth further into the dentin and enamel.


3. Quit Smoking


If you smoke, quit today. Smoking has detrimental consequences for your gums, teeth, and entire body. Smoking increases your risk of developing gum disease, gum recession, tooth discoloration, and cavities. You also increase your likelihood of developing cancers of the mouth and lungs. So, stop smoking early in the year for the sake of your teeth and general health.


4. Limit Your Sugar Intake


Reduce the amount of sugar you take because bacteria thrive on it. When you fail to clean some sugar off your teeth, bacteria in your mouth feed on it and produce acids. The combination of acids, food particles, bacteria, and saliva is what forms plaque. Plague forms a coating on the surface of your teeth, and the acids start to eat away the enamel slowly. Once you have lacerations in the enamel, your teeth can get cavities and begin to decay. So, reduce your sugar intake to as little as possible. Swap your sugary foods and drinks with the sugar-free kind.


5. Drink More Water


Many people are lovers of coffee, teas, and sodas. They end up drinking several cups a day and little to no water. But, these drinks contain some level of acidity that erodes your enamel and stains your teeth. So, cut back on soda, coffee, and tea, and replace them with water. Water cleans your mouth and your body system. This year resolve to drink more water.


6. Get Regular Dental Checkups


The recommended number of times to see a dentist in a year is twice a year. Your dentist examines your teeth for possible issues and treats them early before they become significant. Dental hygiene appointments are also helpful because you get to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned.


Maintaining a healthy mouth is not too complicated. You only have to adjust a few things and make a commitment to uphold the habits that boost your oral health. Start today, and you will see some significant improvement by the end of the year.


Find out more ways to keep your mouth healthy in the new year, contact Levenson Smile in Worcester, MA at (508) 731-3940 to request an appointment.

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