What Is a Periodontal Maintenance?

What Is a Periodontal Maintenance?

What Is a Periodontal Maintenance?

What Is a Periodontal Maintenance?

What Is a Periodontal Maintenance?

What Is a Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is a type of specialized dental cleaning procedure to clean your teeth. It works to address the needs of those who have previous cases of periodontal disease.


What Is Periodontal Disease?


Periodontal disease refers to an infection of the structures around your teeth. These structures include your gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament. This disease occurs when bacteria from plaque invades your gum tissues. This bacterial buildup can lead to severe irritation and inflammation. During the earliest stage of periodontal disease, the infection attacks your gums. In more severe cases, the infection affects all tissues.


Without treatment, it can lead to bone loss and systemic health issues. People diagnosed with periodontal disease need to undergo periodontal maintenance.


How Is Periodontal Maintenance Different From Regular Teeth Cleaning?


Periodontal maintenance is somewhat the same as a routine dental cleaning. But, there is one main difference. Regular teeth cleaning is a preventative dental care measure. Periodontal maintenance is a prescribed dental care procedure. It is necessary to keep periodontitis cases from progressing.


·      Routine Teeth Cleaning. During prophylaxis, your dental hygienist will scale and polish your teeth. This is to remove all visible tartar that has built up above your gumline. This procedure is performed when your gums are healthy. It is often recommended at least once a year to prevent any dental problems.


·      Periodontal Maintenance. Like routine teeth cleaning, this specialized cleaning procedure also removes tartar buildup. But, periodontal maintenance is prescribed to fight periodontal disease. Here, your dental hygienist will not only get rid of tartar buildup above your gumline. He or she will also use scaling and root planing to remove excess plaque from deep between your teeth and gums. If an infection is present, your dental hygienist will check the depth of your gum pockets. He or she then sprays these openings with antiseptic medications. Periodontal maintenance is only prescribed after you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease. This type of cleaning is often recommended every few months. Periodontal maintenance prevents further bacterial growth and maintains gum health.


Do You Need Periodontal Maintenance?


There is no permanent cure for periodontitis. But, regular treatment is necessary to keep it from advancing. If you have bleeding gum tissues and gum pockets deeper than four millimeters, go for periodontal maintenance. It is also useful for those who have bone loss or exposed roots. Additionally, periodontal maintenance is highly recommended for patients who have gone through periodontal surgery or root planing to treat periodontitis.


Your periodontal maintenance appointment will include the following:


·      Review of your dental and medical history.

·      A periodontal exam.

·      Measurement of your periodontal pockets.

·      Oral screening.

·      Tooth cleaning and polishing.

·      Dental hygiene instructions.


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