Dental Health Tips

Dental Health Tips

Dental Health Tips

Dental Health Tips

Dental Health Tips

Dentist in Worcester offers tips to keep your mouth healthy

When choosing a dentist in the Worcester area, it is important to find a professional who believes as much in prevention as he does in restoration or cosmetic treatment. Patients with good dental health have a dentist who can treat their existing oral health issues and help prevent others from occurring.

Dr. Stanley Levenson knows that dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease can often be prevented. At Levenson Smile, the dentist and his team take special care to educate their patients about the best at home care to keep their smiles healthy and sparkling.

For example, while we know that brushing and flossing are the most critical practices to maintain dental health, many patients either rush through the acts or skip them all together. Think about how long you spend brushing away food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Then consider that the American Dental Association recommends that you spend a full two minutes brushing. Be sure to pay special attention to the front, back, top, and sides of each tooth. Because most of your teeth are touching another tooth, the only way to remove food particles from the sides of the teeth are to use floss. While this step is often skipped, it's just as critical as brushing. Many cavities actually begin between the teeth because this area is often missed.

It's also important to pay attention to the foods you eat and beverages you drink. Items that have a high sugar content feed harmful bacteria, creating a perfect environment for decay and disease to begin. While Dr. Levenson and his team know that you can't give up all sweet items, you should consider the impact that these foods and beverages have on your teeth as well as your overall health. In addition to sugary items, foods and beverages that are dark in color can stain the teeth and those with acidic content can damage the teeth's enamel.

Finally, one of the most important steps to dental health is keeping a regular schedule of visits to your dentist. These appointments provide you with a professional cleaning and give Dr. Levenson the opportunity to examine your mouth for potential weak spots or issues. With most dental issues, the sooner you receive treatment the easier the fix will be.

Your dental health is important to your overall health and wellness. It is important to think of oral health care the same way you think about eating healthy, getting exercise, and finding a doctor you trust. To schedule an appointment call the Levenson Smile office today.


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