Sleep Apnea Dizziness

Sleep Apnea Dizziness

Sleep Apnea Dizziness

Sleep Apnea Dizziness

Sleep Apnea Dizziness

Sleep Apnea Dizziness

At Levenson Smile, we treat the full spectrum of dental concerns, even those that may not seem like a dental concern at all. Obstructive sleep apnea is classified as a sleep disorder. Many people have found help with this problem by visiting their experienced dentist. 

In addition to a long history in dentistry, Dr. Levenson is also a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He not only provides screenings for disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, he provides a comfortable, effective alternative to CPAP therapy to help patients get back to healthy sleep patterns. If you feel dizzy with the headache of obstructive sleep apnea, a visit to our Worcester office is a step in the right direction.


Sleep apnea is a condition that can easily be mistaken for snoring if you do not know what to look for. The person with sleep apnea does snore loudly. There is a difference between the two conditions, however. Obstructive sleep apnea involves the total blockage of the airway during sleep. This occurs gradually as muscles relax in deeper sleep. For this reason, it is common to hear very loud snoring sounds followed by silence. Additionally, the person who is consistently losing sleep due to disruption may experience daytime symptoms such as:

  • An overall lack of productivity

  • The inability to concentrate on work or other tasks

  • Difficulty retaining information or staying focused

  • Mood swings or a general state of persistent irritability

  • Worsening depression or anxiety

  • An increase in clumsiness

  • Micro-sleeps, falling asleep at stoplights or at work

The consequences of sleep apnea are significant and can have a long-term effect on health and wellness. Treatment is necessary if you want to regain a better quality of life. Dr. Levenson is happy to consult with you and to collaborate with your primary physician to restore healthy sleep to your life. 

Many of our patients have been helped by the use of a custom-fit mouthpiece. The oral appliance for sleep apnea is discreet and comfortable. Its purpose is to keep the jaw in proper position as you sleep so that muscles around the throat do not close off the airway when they become lax. 

Learn more about how to manage sleep apnea. Call Levenson Smile for your consultation. 

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