Neuro-Muscular Orthotics

Neuromuscular Orthotics are used to help correct the alignment of your jaw and muscles around it. Orthotic appliances can be made with different thicknesses, so they're more effective at correcting severe problems than splints that have set dimensions; these types tend not only work overnight but also during treatment sessions here at Levenson Smile! You might start wearing a soft version while waiting for a custom-fit or other treatments on site too - this approach helps make gradual adjustments without overloading any part unnecessarily

How Often Do You Need To Wear Neuromuscular Orthotics?

When we wear orthotics, they start working immediately to help adjust you jaw. It should be worn 24/7 even when eating. The more your jaw aligns with the guides on this device, then everything will go along much smoother than if you didn't have one at all.

How Long Do You Need To Wear Neuromuscular Orthotics?

The first orthotic will help you adjust your bite and improve the alignment of all facial muscles. Once this has been completed, we move on to our second device which sits in front or behind depending on what's most effective for that individual patient’s needs; these are worn consistently every day during their treatment phase which is usually about four months long.

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