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Teeth Whitening in Worcester, MA

Dental patients who wish to improve their smile often turn to teeth whitening as their first step. Teeth whitening has the ability to dramatically change the look of your smile and can be simple and fast. While there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening pastes, strips, and trays available at your local drugstore, Dr. Stanley Levenson of Levenson Smile urges patients to consider professional whitening.

Professional whitening offers several advantages to patients. First, professional whitening is done under the watchful eye of a trusted dentist and with professional hygienists. Applying the whitening gel correctly is key to getting the results you want without any damaging side effects. Additionally, depending on the type of whitening treatment selected, patients who choose professional treatment achieve their results faster than those who opt for over-the-counter formulas.

Dr. Levenson offers several options for teeth whitening so that patients can choose the treatment that is best for their expectations, budget, and timeline. Patients can choose between in-office whitening, at-home treatment, or the KöR deep bleaching treatment. Each method has its own advantages but all are safe and effective ways to improve the look of your smile.

For patients who want whiter teeth immediately, in-office treatment is often their first choice. The bleaching gel is applied by Dr. Levenson's team, ensuring that the gum line remains protected. The gel is activated using a special light while the patient sits back and relaxes. After about an hour, the gel is removed to reveal a brighter smile.

For those patients who wish to improve their smile from the comfort of their own home or who want gradual results, at-home whitening trays are used. These trays are comfortable enough to wear while reading, watching television, or other at-home activities. After approximately two weeks, patients will notice a dramatic difference in their smiles.

Finally, the KöR treatment method is a popular choice that combines in-office deep cleaning and whitening followed by an at-home product to keep the smile white. This method provides patients with a quick solution and the at home trays to maintain their beautiful smile. Additionally, Dr. Levenson offers his patients a Whitening for Life program. Those patients who maintain a regular schedule of checkups with Dr. Levenson will receive a custom tray and whitening gel to be used at home.

If you want your teeth to be whiter, call the Levenson Smile office to schedule an appointment today. Our office is located at 9 Linden Street, worcester, MA 01609.


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